Vanilla Clove Coffee Scrub Bar

Vanilla Clove Coffee Scrub Bar
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As the bar version of our super popular Sweet Orange & Panela Coffee Scrub, this baby will surely spice up your shower routine! Feel the coffee grounds exfoliate your skin and leave it oh so soft! The yummy vanilla clove scent is made using essential oils, meaning —no synthetic fragrances!—. As always, made with natural ingredients you can understand —absolutely no nasties!

Saponified olive* and coconut oils* (both extra virgin, unrefined), shea butter (wild harvest, cold-pressed), fair-trade Colombian coffee*, essential oil* (for fragrance).
*Organic ingredients.

Zero-Waste Packaging: We don't like plastic!
All our packaging is thought through in order to motivate you to waste less and encourage you to reduce and reuse. Our labels for example are all compostable, and the larger ones are made of plantable seed paper. Seriously, put them in soil and grow wild flowers!

Our label glue is made in house and completely plant based; though not particularly tasty, it is even edible!

Our jars are all made of glass and our lids, when not made of compostable and sustainably sourced cork, are made of aluminum. Glass and aluminum are both accepted in every curbside recycling program, as well as perfectly reusable! We will also take them back and give you a discount. Ask us how!

Every order is shipped free of plastic! You can place the box, tape and all, along with the recycled paper filling in your recycling bin. Alternatively, you can use the same box and filling to ship back your used jars. Let's reduce our individual carbon footprints!