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Lemon Chamomile Face Oil

Lemon Chamomile Face Oil

1 fl. oz. | 30ml.

Pamper your face with this light yet, extra moisturizing Lemon Chamomile Face Oil.
This oil is made by infusing Jojoba Oil with Chamomile, Calendula and Helichrysum flowers. Their benefits are extracted through a maceration process, leaving their goodness and delicate aromas in the oil.

The powers of these flowers in the Jojoba Oil, combined with Carrot Seed Oil and Vitamin E Oil, will work together as a natural humectant that works to seal the skin with a soothing and protective barrier to keep it from loosing moisture, alleviate redness and relieve inflammation.

This combination will also help speed up cell regeneration and decrease healing time for scars! Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help protect collagen and elastin supply, helping us age beautifully and healthy!

--> See what we did there? That's right! At Ruda we do not use the term “anti-aging”. Aging is a human, natural and beautiful process that needs to be embraced! It's not about avoiding aging, it's about aging healthy!

This oil is suitable for all skin types but sensitive skin might benefit the most!

Conscious Packaging: We try to avoid waste as much as we can when packaging our products. That's why we offer this face oil dropper as an add-on, rather than stock. We want to encourage you to re-use a dropper you may have at home or buy this dropper the first time you purchase, and then re-use it with your next bottle.